2kW Electric Panel Heaterwith Thermostat

NOBO E-Series Electric Panel Heaters warm your room with a combination of both radiant and convection heat.

The NOBO E Series Panel Heaters are designed to heat the room using both convection and radiant heat. This dual heating ensures quick, effective and efficient heating.With concealed air vents, the heater draws in cool air, passing it over the element to naturally create convection heat. This heat is gently distributed through the room via the full width air vent at the top of the unit.

  • Attractive, modern clean face with no front grill
  • Safer, low surface temperature on the front panel
  • Power point and cable out of sight behind the heater
  • Slimline – only 50mm thick
  • Large panel surface area equals greater radiant heat, and more comfort
  • Can be located close to or behind furniture

Product Specification

Features Ultra accurate Thermostat
Finish White
Heating Capacity 2kW
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions (WxDxH)
1525 x 50 x 400

Product Info

  • Product Category: E Series Electric Panel Heaters
  • Model: E4E20C