Nobo Advantage



 NOBO commenced making panel heaters in 1949 and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of panel heaters. The company is well known for its innovative products, high quality and modern design. NOBO’s clever design, incorporating a top mounted heat outlet, sets it apart from other panel heaters and enables them to be used in circumstances (for example behind furniture) where other panel heaters are not as effective or practical.

But there are many reasons why NOBO sets aside from other panel heaters. We call it the NOBO Advantage:

Scandinavian Minimalist Style

World famous for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality. Concealed heat outlet vents to remove visual clutter; only 5.5cm depth to avoid getting bumped into; built to withstand winters as cold as -40°C - install Nobo to add style, efficiency and value to your home.

Ultra Accurate Thermostat

Set a temperature, Nobo heaters will stick to it. Their electronic thermostat fluctuates by only 0.1°C - the most accurate on the market.

even on Standby

The 'Oslo' range is 16% more efficient than similarly priced competitor panels, which could equate to $86 worth of yearly savings. Plus, the heaters use only 0.5W when on standby mode, compared to the 30W used in others.

IP24 Rated

Nobo heaters suit all locations, even bathrooms, with an IP24 splash proof rating.

Ultra Silent

No fans, no clicking mechanical thermostats, no moving parts. The fan free technology does not circulate dust or allergens, providing healthier heating too.

Child Safe

Nobo heaters feature a 14% lower surface temperature, and by not exposing heat outlets on the front, it makes it harder for young ones to insert their fingers or any other objects. A child lock timer also prevents curious kids from changing any of the settings.

Wall Mountable
or Portable

Wall installation does not require any electricians and it takes minutes. Or use the castors provided to move the heater freely between rooms - and for safety, they're fitted with a tilt switch to stop operation if knocked over.

Dual Heat

Designed to use both convection and radiant heat, ensuring quick, effective and efficient heating.

Aluminium Element

The element heats the front panel evenly, and then radiates that heat throughout the room, warming surfaces and objects around the unit. This maintains the heat near the floor where it is required.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

As a sign of our commitment to quality, we warrant Nobo appliances to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal domestic use and service.